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EVIT Producing Over 1,700 Workforce-Ready Graduates This Month

May 18, 2021 - Graduates, EVIT Foundation Scholarship Recipients Poised to Fill Growing List of In-Demand Positions Across Arizona, the Nation.

Many people, including President Joe Biden and Entrepreneur, Mike Rowe, have long voiced their support for making vocational training and trade school education more attainable, and this is due in part to the growing number of job opportunities available in the trades.

As the economy begins to bounce back from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, employers are looking to rebuild their workforces – but they’re having a hard time finding qualified professionals to fill their teams. The East Valley Institute of Technology is among those helping close this growing gap and will soon have more than 1,700 workforce-ready graduates cross the stage, accept their diplomas and enter the working world with some of today’s most in-demand skills. 

Many of those graduates will do so with the support of the EVIT Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps ensure no student is unable to take part in the school’s vocational training program due to an inability to pay. EVIT students combine a traditional high school education with one focused on a particular field or trade, spending half of each day at one of over 100 East Valley high schools, including those in 11 school districts, and the other half in an intensive career training program. EVIT also provides programs for adults who will soon be completing training in health care, cosmetology and the industrial trades – and will be ready to enter the workforce.

To date, the EVIT Foundation has helped hundreds of students undergo vocational and career training, awarding more than $500,000 in scholarships over the past five years. Program graduates are ready to begin working in their respective trades immediately upon graduating and have the training and level of professionalism needed to excel in a wide range of lucrative positions. 

For more about the EVIT Foundation and its ongoing efforts to help East Valley students, visit or click here to make a donation.  

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