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EVIT Education Foundation Impact

Foundation Impact

EVIT has an extremely high completion rate of 98%. In addition, 92% of EVIT students go on to work, attend college or join the military. Most of the 263 students supported with financial assistance this past year would not have been able to do so without the Foundation's help.  

When one employer asked about employing EVIT students, he responded that he had 12 on staff and would take an EVIT student over other individuals trained in the same trade. He said EVIT students came armed with essential workplace skills that others did not, showing up on time, dressing appropriately, and exercising readiness with regard to communication and technical skills. EVIT plays a critical role in creating a trained workforce for our community today and tomorrow. 

While there is no formal assessment tool to track students supported by the Foundation, we know we are making an impact through employer feedback. We believe the continued support from businesses and industries directly correlates with the success of EVIT students. Some of the Foundation's significant supporters include Rolf's Salons, Berge (now Larry Miller) Ford, Bill Okland Construction, George Brazil Co., Ricoh Office Solutions, Copper State Consulting, AT Stills University Mesa Community College, Great Clips, Farnsworth PT, SRP, Tran-city Life Insurance Co., Pima Medical Institute, Waxie, Arizona Auto Dealers, Assoc., etc.

The continued support for the Foundation through fundraising efforts and grants is critical to the ongoing education of at-risk youths facing financial hardships. The impact these students will have in our community is unknown, but failing to provide them with training like that EVIT offers comes at a precise cost to the community. The continued cycle of poverty needs to stop, and for many families, their children present the best bet at stopping the cycle. An EVIT education is a significant factor in helping today's youths be tomorrow's leaders.  

Fees and certification costs are increasing. The number of students in need of help is rising. Currently, 26% of EVIT students meet the criteria needed for assistance, which is increasing yearly.   These funds would allow additional students to develop technical skills through one of EVIT's 43 programs, which helps them break the cycle of poverty and positively impact the workforce, one another, and the entire community.

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